Evan’s Ultimate Chase Sapphire Benefit Calculator

Is the Chase Sapphire Reserve card worth its eye-watering annual fee of $450 a year?

Use the sliders below to find out! The Sapphire Preferred and Freedom Unlimited are included for comparison.

All three cards earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points, which can be redeemed for cashback or flights and hotels.

Summary of Benefits

Chase Freedom Unlimited Chase Sapphire Preferred Chase Sapphire Reserve
Chase Freedom Unlimited Chase Sapphire Preferred Chase Sapphire Reserve

$0 annual fee
$95 annual fee
$450 annual fee
$300 travel credit
1.5X dining 2X dining 3X dining
1.5X travel 2X travel 3X travel
1.5X other 1X other 1X other
+0% travel redemption +25% travel redemption +50% travel redemption
+3% foreign fees +0% foreign fees +0% foreign fees

$0 total value $0 total value $0 total value

Redeem points for:

Budget Analysis

Monthly dining spend:
(Restaurants, bars, cafes)


Monthly travel spend:
(Flights, hotels, Uber, transit)


Monthly total spend:
(Including dining and travel)


Annual foreign spend:
(Including dining and travel)

Verdict: You’re better off with
Neither of these credit cards

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the $300 travel credit?

The Chase Sapphire Reserve card includes an annual credit towards travel purchases. “Travel” for purpposes of the credit, and for the 3X points, includes:

The calculator takes the $300 credit into account.

Credits do not roll over into the next year. Use ’em or lose ’em.

What counts as dining?

According to Chase:

Why are the calculated values higher if I redeem for flights instead of cash?

If you have a Chase Sapphire card, your points are worth more when you redeem for flights or hotels through Chase’s travel portal. Ten thousand Chase Ultimate Rewards points are worth $100 in cashback, or $125 in travel with the Sapphire Preferred, or $150 in travel if you have the Sapphire Reserve.

Some seasoned travelers say that you can get even more value from the points by transferring them to participating frequent-flyer programs.

Where can I transfer my points if I’d rather not redeem them?

The Sapphire cards let you transfer points on a 1:1 basis to:

Note that the Chase Freedom Unlimited does not allow point transfers.

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